An Online Course to Help You Create and Launch Your $97-$997 Signature Product

4 Week Interactive Intensive

If you want to create a high-level online course, class or product, then Paul Evans is the one to show you how! He's helped over 10,000 authors, speakers and entrepreneurs design and deploy their products and separate themselves from the masses.

Carrie Wilkerson, Author, Speaker, Blogger

What People Are Saying:

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    David Frey

    CEO, Marketing Best Practices, Inc

    I know a lot of people who know how to build a product, but I only know a small handful of people that have the ability to teach it in a step-by-step, organized way that is so simple, even a high school student can do it. And Paul Evans is at the top of that list. Let me put it a different way, if my brother wanted to create an online product, the only person I would refer him to is Paul Evans.

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    Micahel Hyatt

    author, Platform

    What really motivates me is creating wow, over-the-top products. Thanks again for all your input. Invaluable.

  • Sue Painter

    CEO, The Confident Marketer, coach, consultant

    Not only does Paul Evans know soup-to-nuts how to create a high-value Signature Product, he also teaches you how to price it and market it – the REAL test of a successful signature product. Paul has helped me personally see how I can build income with a Signature Product, he’ll walk you through it, too.

So What’s a Signature Product?

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About Your Trainer :: Paul B Evans

Paul B. Evans is a 22 year veteran of business He opened a fitness center at age twenty and since then has partnered in eight business ventures. Paul can help your business develop and grow strategically for the benefit of yourself and others.

Paul has been online since the early 90's and released his first digital product in 1997 - which still sells great today!

He has helped more than 10,000 speakers, bloggers, coaches, consultants and information marketers release their own products. He has created hundreds of personal products and more than two-dozen Signature Products.

In addition to his businesses, Paul has helped develop and expand orphan work in 9 countries. He believes in creating Signature Products to serve the world, not just ourselves. Instead of thinking, "How much do I want to make?" Paul challenges us to ask, "How much do I want to give away?"

Signature Product is designed to help you reach your income and charity goals.